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Why we love to promote hiking and getting outside?

Our modern life’s is keeping us captures inside. Driving to work in a car, working inside in an office, driving home in the car, and then enjoying the rets of the day on the couch. Sounds familiar?

Research showed that an average American spends up to 93% of their time indoors (87% in buildings, 6% in cars) …. 

Fresh air, sunlight, the colors of nature is so important to keep your mind fresh and fit and to stay healthy too. Levels of pollutants is often 2-5 times higher indoors than outdoors. So besides opening the window more often, we could just spend more time outdoors in our free time! 

Get outside!

So what would be better than just planning a short hike for the weekend, or maybe a longer trip for the holidays?

On this website we will give you some inspirations how to get started, what to pack, how to make more out of your outdoor trip, how to find your favorite hiking equipment and much more.

We don’t promote extreme mountain climbing or making handstands on cliffs. Our blog is the right blog for you if you love to be outdoors and are interested in day hiking, camping, backpacking, simply sun bathing or if you are just getting started to get a little more outdoorsy.

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks"  John Muir

Autumn hike in Algonquin Park in Canada

Autumn and spring  is a perfect time of the year to go hiking. Mostly not too hot, not too busy yet and the colors are amazing. Read more about  winter hiking preparation here.

Hiking down into the Grand canyon

Rocks, red sand, wind and a breathtaking scenery. You are planning your next trip? Check our packing list.

Beautiful short hike through the jungle

You don’t need mountains to go for a hike. Hiking along the coast, at the beach or through jungles.. Get your hiking gear here

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